Which Music Genres Are The Best For Beginner Piano Players?

Are you a novice piano player?

If you are just starting to learn the piano, you may be wondering about musical genres. Is there a particular genre that you should be focusing on?

There are many genres in music, and some genres are easier to play than others. Here’s a look at some genres that tend to be beginner friendly.


Classical music is great for beginners for a number of reasons. Firstly, learning classic pieces gives new musicians a great foundation. Piano players will be able to use the skills they learn when they tackle other genres in music.

There are also a lot of classical pieces worth exploring that are very simple to learn. “Ode to Joy,” for example, is a song that is often taught to beginners. Even if you haven’t spent a lot of time on the piano, you should be able to learn how to play it.

Pop Music

Pop music is designed to be both simple and catchy. This means that a lot of pop music translates very well to the piano. There are pop songs that can easily be played by someone that is just starting the piano.

When you’re learning a new skill, it can be tough to keep up your motivation. When you are learning a song that you know and love, you’ll be able to stay focused and put in all of the time that you need. You’ll be able to play songs that your friends know and love.


If you have a love of Broadway musics, you might want to learn how to play showtunes on the piano. Most musicals feature piano music, and in most cases, there is at least one song that is fairly easy to learn.

Rock Music

Rock music and the piano don’t always go together, but the right rock songs can be a lot of fun to learn. Rock music can be tricky for beginners, but if you pick a simple song with a steady beat, you should be able to master it in time.

There are so many different genres of music out there. Even if you’ve never played the piano before, you should be able to learn a song that’s in a genre you love. Start looking at songs and find one that you want to tackle. You should try to put your piano skills to the test!